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What Angry Kids Need
by Jennifer Anne Brown, M.S.W. and Pam Provonsha Hopkins, M.S.W.

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Anger: Normal, Necessary, Uncomfortable—and Possibly Destructive

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Media Questions

Jennifer Brown

If you're researching a story on anger, here are questions you may want to use as a starting point when interviewing Jennifer Anne Brown and Pam Provonsha Hopkins. The authors of What Angry Kids Need can explain the legitimate reasons for children's anger and how parents' anger impacts kids.

Pam Hopkins
  • Why are some kids angrier than others?
  • What can parents do to make it less likely a child will have an "anger problem" when older?
  • What should a parent do if a child's anger escalates to physical aggression?
  • It is exhausting and stressful to parent a child who is routinely angry or out of control. What self-case advice do you have for parents?
  • How do parents know when it's time to get professional help for themselves or their child?
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