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What Am I Feeling?
by John Gottman, Ph.D.
John Gottman

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"An easy-to-follow 'parent-friendly' guide. . .the ideal book for struggling parents."
—Midwest Book Review
"With our busy lives, parents just don't have a lot of time; this easy-to-understand book packs a lot of information into an engaging read and uses captivating photos to reinforce the message. This little book is beautifully simple and wonderfully powerful in the way it illustrates the importance of everyday parent-child interactions in helping children learn about their emotions."
—Bea Kelleigh, Policy and Outreach Coordinator, Early Care and Education Coalition
"Does an outstanding job of translating research into an easy-to-read format. It is science made simple and practical."
—Sheri L. Hill, Ph.D., developmental policy specialist
"This is an absolutely wonderful introduction to teaching new parents about emotions."
—Sandra Wallace, Newborn Program Manager, Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS)
"The presentation of the four "parenting styles" and the five steps of "emotion coaching" is easy to understand, and I hope, for all, inspiring to a more intentional, loving and nurturing world for our children. Clearly a great tool for parents."
—Ron Rabin, Executive Director, Kirlin Foundation
"If only all parents could read this wonderful guide to children's emotions!"
"Each couple I shared What Am I Feeling? with expressed appreciation for its clarity. . . Two couples also said that reading and discussing the book with the kids and/or their mates also gave them ideas for communicating in their marriage . . ."

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