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What Am I Feeling?
by John Gottman, Ph.D.
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Media Questions

  • What is emotion coaching?

  • Why is it important?

These are two of the questions John Gottman will be glad to answer if you're planning a story that mentions What Am I Feeling.

Other questions that might serve as a starting point for an interview with Dr. Gottman include:

  • Tell me more about why it's important for parents and other adults to understand how they handle emotions.

  • What are the mistakes adults often make when dealing with a child's emotions?

  • If you were to give parents one piece of advice about their children's emotional health, what would it be?

To arrange an interview with Dr. Gottman, contact Cindi Pendergraft, Talaris Research Institute, (206) 529-6898, ext. 303.

For more information, contact the Parenting Press publicity department at (800) 992-6657, ext. 105 or (206) 364-2900, ext. 105, or email our Publicity Coordinator.