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What About Me?
by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.
Eileen Kennedy-Moore

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What Readers, Reviewers and Reality TV Celebrities Say about "What About Me?"

Parents are enthusiastic about What About Me?

"This book came into my hands only recently, making me wish I had it years ago. . .the core message: to equip children with options to express their needs without resorting to undesirable/unpleasant/unacceptable behavior simply because they didn't know how else to go about it. I liked the clear, practical, and straightforward actions suggested for the kids which they can start incorporating immediately, and can continue to employ with gentle reminders, if necessary, from parents. The rhyming text and accompanying illustrations make it quite easy to follow along even for the 2-year-old. After the very first read, my 5-year-old was confident about the effectiveness of the suggested approaches through her interactions with us."
"We've read it four times in two days! It helped me focus on the reasons for my daughter's behavior and it gave her ideas for getting attention from people other than her parents."
"A great approach to preventing sibling rivalry!"
"An incredible book. . .My son starting referring to the ideas after we'd read it only once."
"Incredibly effective in providing fun, alternative ways to get what most children want: their parents' attention!"
"A wonderful book that works on many different levels. Children will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and be soothed by the flowing text. They will also appreciate the positive and practical message. Parents will benefit from having their children learn more peaceful ways to interact."

So are professionals:

"This book teaches children one of the most valuable tools, compassion. We are happy to recommend it."
—William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N., authors, The Discipline Book
"Delightful, fun and insightful. . .It is a pure joy–and also quite instructional without seeming to be so."
—Edward Hallowell, M.D., author, Delivered from Distraction
"I loved Eileen Kennedy-Moore's first book, Expressing Emotion. As for What About Me: Building a positive relationship with your child means finding ways for your child to shine for you. This book helps you do exactly that. It will really help you create a peaceful home."
—John Gottman, Ph.D., Author of How to Raise An Emotionally Intelligent Child and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
"A charming, rhyming invitation to children to consider new ways to become helpful members of the family team."
—Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, authors of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
"What About Me? is a rare clinical gem that uses funny rhymes and pictures to teach young children practical, healthy ways to meet their attentional needs. Great for parents and family therapists alike!"
—Kenneth L. McNiel, Ph.D., child and family therapist
"What About Me? offers positive alternatives for children to utilize when competing for a parent's attention. This book is warm, charmingly illustrated and an easy read. It lends itself to dialogue about feelings of jealousy and anger and how best to deal with them. A must-have for families and nursery schools."
—Theresa Mandrillo, Director, Westfield (New Jersey) Cooperative Nursery School
"This little book is a gem! It teaches adaptive coping skills to kids and encourages parents to recognize and acknowledge good behavior."
—Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., professor, clinical psychology doctoral program
"An altogether winning book: the verse captures precisely the thought and language of children and parents, and the illustrations delight with their portrayals of kids' moods in different situations. Every family should read—and reread—What About Me? together."
—David Sacks, Psy. D., psychologist
"A warm and caring, well-written verse about the positive, simple ways a child can handle sibling rivalry. A wonderful book for parents and children to share."
—Cynthia Babetski, nursery school teacher
"Helps children to become resilient and self reliant. . . The delightful illustrations capture the many intricate details of life in a family and will engage . . . even those who cannot yet read words."
—Mary B. Fleck, elementary school principal
"Witty and clever!"
—Sharon Stockwell, MSW, LCSW, clinical social worker

Reality TV celebrities love the book:

"As a professional nanny, I am very impressed with What About Me? I truly believe this book teaches children positive, creative ways to get attention. I loved What About Me? because it teaches parents and children alike that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. I only wish it had been available years ago!"
—"Nanny Deb" Deborah Carroll, star of Fox TV's "Nanny 911"

Reviewers are full of compliments:

"Recognizes the need of children to interact with their parents following the birth of a younger sibling. Written in easy-to-read-aloud verse, What About Me? offers concrete things kids can do to solicit positive attention from their parents and encourages parents to reinforce those behaviors with a smile, a hug and loving words of acknowledgement. . .Designed to help children cope with jealousy. . ."
Readers Favorite
"Loving this book. I mean LOVING this book. It's simple, to the point, and totally encourages POSITIVE behavior. If you are a parent and have just about had it with all the negative attention-getting, you are going to want this in your library. . ..As a psychologist and mother of four kids, [author Eileen Kennedy-Moore's] tips and advice are right on."
Books That Heal Kids
"Such a great tool for adults to use to conquer sibling rivalry. The story is about a mischievous boy who deals with feelings of jealousy, being left out, and sharing, and learns creative, positive ideas on how to get along better with his family. For parents, it's a reminder of why older sibs sometimes act out when they need attention."
Red Tricycle
"Mits Katayama draws childhood in warm, bright hues. The way we think it is supposed to be remembered. The way we want our own children to remember their time of innocence."
News Tribune, Tacoma
"This rhyming picture book offers positive activities that youngsters can use to get attention. . . .the pictures convey a sense of harmony in the home."
School Library Journal
"An ideal addition to child counselor, family, school and community library collections. Very highly recommended for all little readers—and parents hoping to instill responsibility in their children's character and conduct."
The Children's Bookwatch
"A fun book with a serious message for kids struggling with sharing their parents' attention with a younger sibling or even regular household tasks . . . it's a book to read over and over to reinforce its positive messages. A must-have for busy parents of more than one child."
Parents and Kids, March 2006
"A charming book for preschoolers with a title that certainly captured my attention . . . Illustrated in delightful watercolor by Mits Katayama . . ."
Shawnee (OK) News-Star
"A unique way to address issues around siblings. . . The parent who is reading it is reminded of why older sibs sometimes act out when they need attention."
—Rona Renner, RN, Host, Childhood Matters Radio show
"Colorful drawings depicting characters within the story help connect kids to the text and lure them into the tale."
The Journal, North Seattle and Snohomish County

And so are awards program judges:

"Will give options for dealing with feelings of jealousy, being left out and sharing. . . . Will help your child feel capable because it offers choices rather than rules."
—The Dr. Toy Awards Program, 2006
"Nicely pitched at a child's level . . . Offers creative, positive ideas for kids to get along better with their families . . ."
—National Parenting Publications Awards, 2006
"Love the little boy's expressions. . .the story is well-told without being preachy."
—Juror, 2006 Benjamin Franklin Awards program
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