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What About Me?
by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.
Eileen Kennedy-Moore

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Picture Book Based on Genuine Need for Attention
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Media Questions

Researching a story on kids who misbehave to get attention? Or a column on what happens when there's a new baby? Looking for a new twist on the issue of sibling rivalry?

Then you'll want to talk to Eileen Kennedy-Moore.

She works 24/7 with these issues, as a psychologist in private practice and as the mother of four children–one in preschool, two in elementary and one in middle school.

Some questions to get you started with Dr. Kennedy-Moore:

  • So often parents are advised to ignore misbehaving kids, because the kids are just acting out to get attention. What's your advice on this?
  • How much attention do kids really need from their parents?
  • What do you do to reduce sibling rivalry in your family?
  • What should parents avoid doing when kids compete for attention?
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