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Using Your Values
by Harriet Heath, Ph.D.
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Experts shouldn't dictate your family values
"Can-do" and "Hands-on" are more than cliches with Harriet Health

Honesty most important value say American Parents
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Honored with a National Parenting Publications Gold Award as one of 2000's best books for parents, Using Your Values has drawn such media and reader comment as:

. . . a unique parenting book. Rather than tell parents how to handle troubling situations, [Harriet Heath] asks parents to define their values and then deal with their children in a way that illustrates those values.
—Library Journal
Not that long ago, "family values" was shorthand for a certain conservative political and moral perspective . . . By contrast, Heath, a developmental and school psychologist, has written a very inclusive guide to values clarification that all kinds of parents (and people thinking about becoming parents, and kids trying to understand their parents) can use to advantage.
This intelligent book encourages reflection on what you believe . . . The author covers how to resolve conflicting values and how to take into account your child's temperament.
—Seattle's Child
What an amazing book! My husband and I knew we had values, but we had no idea how much they impacted our parenting. Right away our reactions to the children's behavior changed.
—a mother of seven
Articulate, immensely readable and useable . . . !
—Ann Janson, Ph.D., Professor of Education, Rosemont College
A thought-provoking and insightful book on parenting which will help parents integrate their values into family life and pass them on to their children.
—Quakers in Canada,

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