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Using Your Values
by Harriet Heath, Ph.D.
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Experts shouldn't dictate your family values
"Can-do" and "Hands-on" are more than cliches with Harriet Health

Honesty most important value say American Parents
What are your values?

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Media Questions

Researching a story on values?
You'll want to talk to Harriet Heath.

This thoughtful psychologist and experienced parent educator can provide straightforward answers to your questions. Especially if you're commenting on violence and kids, you'll appreciate Dr. Heath's insight.

You might also want to ask Dr. Heath:

  • What's the most important step in teaching children values?
  • What are the most common mistakes parents make when trying to teach values?
  • Today many parents, especially fathers, don't live with their children. How can noncustodial parents teach values? What happens when custodial and noncustodial parents have different values?
  • Parenting Press's recent values poll shows that parents value honesty above anything else. Do you believe this is the most important value for our society?
  • What should parents do to keep their kids from getting involved in violence?
  • How can parents teach a child how to stop violence without endangering himself or herself?