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Using Your Values
by Harriet Heath, Ph.D.

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Experts shouldn't dictate your family values
"Can-do" and "Hands-on" are more than cliches with Harriet Health

Honesty most important value say American Parents
What are your values?

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Book information:

Title: Using Your Values to Raise Your Child to Be an Adult You Admire
Author: Harriet Heath, Ph.D.
Publisher: Parenting Press, Inc., Seattle, WA
Publication date: January 2000
ISBN: 1-884734-36-7
Price: $16.95, 178 pages

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The most effective way to instill values in a child is for parents to use their own values to guide their parenting decisions all day, every day. Harriet Heath show parents how. She also explains how developmental stages, learning styles, and temperament patterns all impact how children learn—and demonstrate—values.

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