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Using Your Values to
Raise Your Child to Be an Adult You Admire
by Harriet Heath, Ph.D.

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Sex. Violence. Materialism. Instant gratification.
How do you teach kids values in a world like ours?

Harriet Heath has no magic formulas, but if you're researching a story on values, you'll want to see this experienced psychologist's new book. After years of working with children and parents around the world, Dr. Heath has down-to-earth suggestions that'll help parents identify their values and consider how to instill those values in their kids.

Perhaps even more important, Using Your Values demonstrates a respect for your readers' values—whatever they are. Dr. Heath doesn't tell us what to think, how to act or what to believe.

This spirited author is also an excellent subject if you're considering a feature story on career paths, especially for older Americans. Here's someone who's been almost everywhere and done almost everything, including teaching parenting classes in Eskimo villages and Pennsylvania taverns!

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