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The Way I Act
by Steve Metzger
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What readers and reviewers say about books by Steve Metzger and Janan Cain

"Zany, brilliantly colored illustrations swoop off each page. . ..Sure to please both parents and children with its imaginative invitation to act in positive, helpful, creative ways."
—Children's Bookwatch, about The Way I Act
"From scared to shy, bored to jealous, Cain covers the emotional waterfront . . ."
—Publisher's Weekly, about The Way I Feel
"[Janan Cain] has achieved her goal of giving children the language to express their emotions—not only through her choice of words but through the use of provocative colors, mood-enhancing illustrations, and the font and flow of the words, some of which weave, stagger or twirl themselves across the page."
—Contemporary Pediatrics, in a review of The Way I Feel
"Charming book . . ."
—Seattle Times, reviewing The Way I Feel
"Strong, colorful, and expressive images by Janan Cain. . ."
—Children's Bookwatch, about The Way I Feel

What Professionals Say about The Way I Feel:

"I am a sexual abuse counselor for children. I have been using this book to help Pre-K through second graders learn how to label their feelings. . .. The children I work with love the pictures and respond very well to the learning experience. . ..We facilitators love the book and most of us use it with our clients."
"This is by far the best book I have ever found to address the concept of emotions for young children. I use this as a speech language pathologist in preschool classrooms with typically developing children and with those with disabilities."
"A must-have for children's libraries. I can't urge you enough to purchase this book for children. Each page depicts a feeling through color, prose, type font, and illustration. And the feelings the author chose are richly diverse—more than the typical sad, mad. . ."
"My daughter is now 2 years old, and thanks to The Way I Feel, already uses words like disappointed and jealous in the right context!"
—Natalie Anderson
Clinical psychologist
Recommended by the scientists and counselors writing in Child and Adolescent Therapy: Cognitive-behavioral Procedures and by such special needs programs as:
—Educational Neuroscience Lab, Simon Fraser University
—National Center on Homelessness
—Domestic Violence Committee Coordinated Response Team, Kent County, MI
—Autism Resource Center of Central Massachusetts
—Southern Alberta Shared Mental Health Care
—Community Outreach programs, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

What Educators Tell Us:

"An awesome book. . .Good for teachers to add to classroom libraries because it raises so many discussion questions."
"This colorful picture book is one of the best to help young children learn about emotions and how to deal with them. . .Explains the many different and complex emotions we feel. . .and enables children to understand that emotions are okay. . .In addition to the great pictures, this book gives children a handle on some very useful vocabulary."
—Teachers' Favorite Children's Books,
"A unique book. . .engaging illustrations. . ."
—Idaho Public Television
Jurors in the Teachers' Choice awards program added:
—"I'm very impressed with this book and its potential for class or individual input."
—"Helps build character and vocabulary."
—"Draws you in and leaves you with a positive, upbeat feeling."

Here's What Parents Say:

"I love The Way I Feel because it explains many different and complex emotions we feel and enables children to relate to and to understand that emotions are OK . . . Thank you, Janan Cain, for helping us communicate effectively and avert many a temper tantrum."
"A wonderfully illustrated and descriptive book that will help children learn to recognize and name feelings . . . My son started out grumpy when we began to read last night and by the end of the book he was giggling, happy and having fun making funny faces to match the feelings that were described in the book."
"Our daughter loved the pictures right away and we appreciated the ideas in the back for discussing feelings and how to handle them."
"A must have for young readers . . ."

Here's What Children Tell Us:

"My mom used to read The Way I Feel to me because I would never talk to her about my feelings. . ..This book has helped me with my own feelings and how to express them to people. [Now] I know that I can talk to my mom about how I feel. Even though they are not her feelings and she doesn't understand all of them, she can still listen to me."

What Readers Say about Steve Metzger's Books:

"One of the few we can read over and over and never get tired of."
"I bought this book because it looked cute. What I didn't realize was the depth of feeling it would convey to my preschool son."
"My daughter went through a tough phase right before she turned four that involved a lot of emotion and difficulty expressing her frustrations, anger, and sadness. This series of books was recommended by her preschool teacher, and she loved them. They communicate the lessons I was trying to teach her about articulating her feelings versus throwing a tantrum."
"My 3-year-old has had me reading this book morning, noon, and night since we bought it!"
"I wish I'd had this book back when my oldest kids were apprehensive about the first day of school! In Dinofours: It's Time for School, Steven Metzger, a [former] preschool teacher as well as an author, offers first timers and their parents gentle reassurance about that momentous event."
"We read this book at least five times the first day."
"I heard my daughter's preschool teacher read this book to the class. They were really into it!"
"My children love this book and want to listen to it over and over again."
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