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Parenting Press Surprises Author with Picture Book Involvement

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Researching a story —

  • on writing children's books?
  • on using books to introduce values and character traits?
  • on how preschool teachers and librarians can engage kids with stories?

Then you'll want to talk to Steve Metzger. This preschool teacher turned publishing executive and children's author can tell you what it's like to write stories that capture children's interest even with limited vocabulary. He can talk about how books—and the stories of their own that parents tell—can teach kids the difference between feelings and actions.

With more than 60 books published, Metzger is also an expert on how to subtly communicate positive values in a 32-page book with only a few dozen words of text. He's also the veteran of hundreds of story hours and circle time, and is full of tips for teachers and librarians who feel as if their storytelling skills need an S-O-S.

This media kit includes a feature about Metzger and other information that you're welcome to reprint or excerpt from as long as you mention Parenting Press and The Way I Act.

Questions you may find helpful when interviewing Metzger:

  • What inspired you to write your first book?
  • What situations with children inspired the text for The Way I Act?
  • What advice do you have for would-be authors of children's stories and books?
  • You've read to hundreds of children. How do you recommend that The Way I Act be used with different age groups?
  • Story-telling suggestions for moms, dads, nannies and teachers?