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Steve Metzger
The Way I Act

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With 1.6 million copies in print, The Way I Feel is Parenting Press's most popular book ever! And now there's a companion book, the 32-page hardback The Way I Act.

With verses created by New York's Steve Metzger, The Way I Act follows the pattern established by The Way I Feel, introducing children to a wide variety of character traits, including some not usually attributed to young children.

Every element of each page—text, illustration, color and type face—contributes to the situation being depicted. Metzger's carefully crafted text is sensitive and free of bias and slang. Together with Cain's sometimes zany characters, The Way I Act shows scenarios that kids can identify with—peering at bugs with a magnifying glass, making a bed, finishing a puzzle, sweeping up a mess. The text cites even more examples that define words such as curious, responsible, persistent and capable. As Metzger points out, the scenarios on each two-page spread let kids imagine how they might act on a curlicue slide, when meeting new children, when an elderly grandparent needs help.

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