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STAR Parenting Tales and Tools
Respectful Guidance Strategies to Increase Parenting Effectiveness & Enjoyment
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

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What Is STAR Parenting
(And How Can It Help Your Readers)?

If you're looking for common-sense answers to your audience's everyday questions about parenting, you'll find lots of ideas in Elizabeth Crary's new guide, STAR Parenting Tales and Tools.

Based on a child guidance concept she developed several years ago that uses the points of a star to outline techniques for parents and caregivers, this easy-to-read book is intended for brand-new parents, including the very young, as well as experienced parents seeking new problem-solving strategies.

For more information about parent educator Crary and her concepts, click through the contents of this media kit and then let us know what additional information you'd like. On occasion, we can provide contact information for those who have taken the STAR Parenting courses and can comment on the value of its framework.

To request a review copy of STAR Parenting Tales and Tools or to arrange an interview with Crary, contact our publicity department at, (800) 992-6657, Ext. 105.