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Something Is Wrong at My House
A Book About Parents' Fighting
by Diane Davis

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Book cover

If you write about children, you know how they suffer when things go wrong at home. If you write about the social service agencies, nonprofits or educational institutions that serve abused women, you know it's almost impossible to conceal their situation from their children. Written by someone who is passionate about how domestic violence can damage children, Something Is Wrong at My House: A Story about Parents' Fighting takes a complex and frightening problem and explains it in terms appropriate for the young.

Formatted so that the same book can be used with toddlers through school-age children, Something Is Wrong at My House provides simple text under illustrations on each of the two-page spreads, with more detailed text on the facing page.

First published in 1984, Something Is Wrong at My House is now available in a revised and expanded edition, with updated illustrations. For more information about author Diane Davis or illustrator Keith Neely, click through this online media kit and then contact the Parenting Press publicity staff at, (206) 364-2900, ext. 105.