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Self-Calming Cards
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.
Elizabeth Crary

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California Department of Education
Approves Parenting Press Publications

The Self-Calming Cards and The Way I Feel (32-page edition) are two of the Parenting Press publications approved for supplemental use in California public schools.

The Decision Is Yours SeriesBully on the Bus, Finders, Keepers, Under Whose Influence, Making the Grade and First Day Blues—were also determined to meet "social content" requirements of the California Department of Education's code.

"These guidelines ensure that materials portray democratic values, cultural pluralism, and the diversity of our population by emphasizing people in a variety of positive roles," the Press was told. Evaluation of the educational value remains the responsibility of the school or district making a purchase.

The publications will now be included on the list of California's Legal and Social Compliance Approved Out-of-Cycle Instructional Materials and can be purchased with Prop. 20 Lottery Funds or IMFRP funds remaining after the purchase of required instructional texts. See


You may use any of the material in the online media kits for book reviews and stories that mention the book and its author.

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