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Self-Calming Cards
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

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Teaching Kids to Handle Anger, Anxiety, Frustration

How can children cope with anger, with anxiety or with frustration? How about the "mad" dance? Or kneading bread? Or defusing the stress with silliness?

These are just a few of the dozens of soothing and coping strategies described in the Self-Calming Cards, a 36-card full-color deck just published by Parenting Press (ISBN 978-1-884734-67-0, $12.95,

Created by Elizabeth Crary and Mits Katayama, these cards include step-by-step instructions in English and Spanish for introducing both the concept of self-calming and such calming activities as blowing bubbles, stringing beads, singing, jumping rope and soaking in a warm bath. The techniques introduced by the cards work with kids of all ages—and adults, too!

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