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On the Wings of a Butterfly
A Story About Life and Death
by Marilyn Maple, Ph.D.

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On the Wings of a Butterfly Helps
Children and Adults Discuss Death

When a child asks about death, what can we say?

Written to encourage communication about death and acceptance of death as a normal part of life, Marilyn Maple's On the Wings of a Butterfly: A Story about Life and Death shows a young cancer patient's fascination with a caterpillar. As the child confides her concerns, the caterpillar talks about its fears of the unknown, the forthcoming transformation into a Monarch butterfly.

Just reissued by Parenting Press, On the Wings of a Butterfly is being used in AIDS centers for both children and adults, in hospices, hospitals and other medical programs. It is also being used in Head Start and other educational programs, to help young children understand and accept the death of relatives and friends, young as well as old.

If you're working on a story about how to discuss death with kids—whether it's the death of a pet, a parent, a young friend or even the child himself—you'll want to talk to Marilyn Maple. For more information about this grandmother who can tackle enough the toughest topics, please "page through" this online media kit. Or call our publicity department at (800) 992-6657, ext. 105 or (206) 364-2900, ext. 105. You'll find our other books described at