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About Emily Fuller Williams, LMT

Emily Williams

Emily Fuller Williams, who started out to be a classroom teacher but found a different "helping" career as a massage therapist, is a member of a Cleveland OH-area practice that includes psychologists and mental health counselors and the author of Mudras: Ancient Gestures to Ease Modern Stress and the companion Mudra Pocket Cards.

A warm, gentle woman, Williams introduces mudras wherever she is: to clients, colleagues, even strangers on airplanes.

"Anyone, of any age, who is willing to listen and provide feedback!" she chuckles.

For the past several years, Williams has incorporated mudras in her practice and in her frequent presentations at conferences and retreats. She's taught the gestures to hospice workers, therapists, teachers, parent educators, and to members of church, civic and business groups at such programs as "Managing Holiday Stress," "Stress Management for Parents," and "Teaching Mudras to Children."

A native of River Falls WI, Williams graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Ohio College of Massage Therapy. She lives in Fairview Park OH with her husband. They are the parents of two young adults.

For more information, see Williams's web site.

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