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Kids to the Rescue!
by Maribeth and Darwin Boelts
Maribeth and Darwin Boelts

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Maribeth Boelts Launched Writing Career Three Months into Sabbatical from Teaching

First Aid—Even for First Graders:
Teaching Tips for the Classroom

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Reader Comments

"The most rudimentary first-aid procedures for emergencies . . . are explained through simple text and illustrations. The focus of the book is on the child's response to emergency before adult help arrives."
—The Horn Book
"Teaches lifesaving skills, is easy to understand and easy to remember, and has wonderful prevention information without overwhelming kids. It helps them gain confidence and conquer fears."
—Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Fire Administration
"A much-needed update [to the topic]."
—School Library Journal
"A short book of simple first-aid techniques that even young children can learn."
—Practical Homeschooling
"Should be in every elementary library."
—Library Lane
"The advice is told in a calm manner and in logical order so that children can quickly learn the basics."
—Eastern Washington Book Review Council
"The most important book in our selection has to be Kids to the Rescue! This is the best 'first' first aid book that I have seen. . .it truly can be used to teach children as young as four years old to make the right choices in emergency situations."
—Northshore News
"This book is informative, up-to-date and is set up to encourage parents and children to learn together by role-playing helpful responses. Ultimately, the goal is that children (and parents) will feel empowered in an emergency, not scared."
—Northwest Baby & Child
"I think that kids my age (7) should read this book. If they have a frisky little sister like me, they're going to babysit her soon and they will need to know these things."

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