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Kids Can Choose Series
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.
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Feature stories:
Parent educator takes a "how-to" approach to teaching problem-solving skills
Children's expressions inspire illustrator Susan Avishai

Teaching children problem-solving strategies

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What Experts Say About Elizabeth Crary's
Books for Children

"Finally! A book that recognizes a child's anger as a real and legitimate feeling."
—Dr. Jane Bluestein
author of Parents in a Pressure Cooker and 21st Century Discipline
" . . . Demonstrates how we do not have to become victims of our own feelings but are capable human beings who can think things through."
—Toran Isom
". . . A wonderful job exploring the consequences . . ."
—Northwest Baby & Child
"All of us could parent better if we had Ma Crary next door."
—Grand Forks Herald
". . . These interactive stories allow readers to think about the problems in a creative way, choose from a variety of different solutions and then compare the consequences of these choices. . . . As a mother, I appreciated that there were several workable options, not just a one-size-fits-all answer."
—Barbara Lloyd McMichael
Tacoma New Tribune

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