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Kids Can Choose Series
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.
Elizabeth Crary

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Feature stories:
Parent educator takes a "how-to" approach to teaching problem-solving skills
Children's expressions inspire illustrator Susan Avishai

Teaching children problem-solving strategies

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Media Questions

You're a parenting columnist looking for a story?
A TV producer looking for a new twist on education?
Or maybe your call-in show needs some straight answers that moms and dads can use right now?

When you interview Elizabeth Crary, you'll get practical, parent-tested recommendations for solving typical playground problems. And you'll learn why it's so important to teach kids these basic problem-solving skills.

Here are some examples of the questions you may want to ask Elizabeth Crary:

  • Books about teasing, theft and privacy aren't very entertaining. Do you think kids will like these books well enough to listen to them or read them?
  • How do you think kids will respond to the "choose-your-own-ending" format?
  • What kind of situations do you expect these books to be used in?
  • How do you recommend parents, teachers and other adults use these books?
  • What kind of problems do you believe these books can prevent or solve?
  • How do these books complement the other children's books published by Parenting Press?
  • How are they different than many other children's books?

To arrange an interview, contact the Parenting Press publicity coordinator at (800) 992-6657, ext. 105 or (206) 364-2900, ext. 105.