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Kids Can Choose Series
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

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Children's expressions inspire illustrator Susan Avishai

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Book information:

Titles: Heidi's Irresistible Hat
Amy's Disappearing Pickle
Willy's Noisy Sister
Author: Elizabeth Crary, M.S.
Publisher: Parenting Press, Inc., Seattle, WA
Publication date: Winter 2001
ISBNs: Heidi: 1-884734-55-3
Amy: 1-884734-59-6
Willy: 1-884734-57-X
Price: $7.95 each

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Heidi's Irresistible Hat: Heidi loves the special hat her aunt made — but there's an annoying classmate who keeps grabbing it off her head. How can Heidi get him to stop teasing her?

Amy's Disappearing Pickle: Someone is stealing the delicious pickles from Amy's lunch day after day. How can Amy find out who is taking the pickle and stop it?

Willy's Noisy Sister: When Willy gets home from school, he needs some time to play by himself. But his little sister wants him to play with her--right now! How can Willy get a few minutes of quiet and sill satisfy his sister?

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