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Kids Can Choose Series
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.

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Problems. We've all got them. Some are big ones, some are minor irritations. What we've all got to learn is how to handle these issues. Teaching problem-solving skills has been a major emphasis at Parenting Press for the last two decades and now we're continuing that focus with a new series, "Kids Can Choose."

These easy-to-read books are designed to teach children, especially those between 4 and 10, how to identify problems, brainstorm options, think through the possible outcome of each option and finally, to select and implement a solution. With these problem-solving skills, kids are better prepared to cope with every kind of concern. Frustration and disappointment won't go away, but research shows that children will be less likely to respond with angry outbursts. They will be more confident and better prepared to handle the variety of problems they'll face as they mature.

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