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Media Questions

Researching a story —

  • on art for kids?
  • on work-at-home parents?
  • on the importance of teaching children about feelings?
  • On the challenges of getting a children's book published?

Janan Cain is the perfect interview. A magician's assistant turned graphic designer turned mom, she's full of ideas on introducing art to kids, even when your readers have limited budgets, talent or time.

Janan Cain

And if you're putting together a story on the challenges of getting a children's picture book published, you'll appreciate hearing how she survived constant interruptions to create a proposal that went to several publishers prior to acceptance."Knowing a publisher was taking a risk on my first book was very scary," she recalls when she learned of the 7,000-copy initial printing in 2000.

More than 15 years later, The Way I Feel has almost 2 million copies in print, in six languages. "That continues to amaze me," admits Ms. Cain.

Ms. Cain also has a strong commitment to teaching children how to express their emotions; her book concludes with several recommendations that would make excellent sidebars. Other questions you may find helpful when interviewing her:

  • What inspired you to create a book about emotions?
  • What have children's responses shown you about the need for a book on emotions?
  • You've read The Way I Feel and its companion The Way I Act to hundreds of children. How do you recommend that they be used with differing age groups? How do you use it with toddlers compared to second graders, for example?
  • How did creating The Way I Act differ from your work on The Way I Feel?
  • What have you found most rewarding about having these books published?
  • What advice would you give to those who are trying to create picture books—or those first-time authors whose books are just being published?