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The Way I Feel
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School Curriculums Adopt The Way I Feel

Kids love The Way I Feel—and so do parents, counselors, health care professionals and educators.

The 32-page edition of this book about emotions is included in the collection of books sold as the Language for Learning/Reading Mastery Programs curriculum package by McGraw-Hill.

Another school publisher, Zaner-Bloser, sells The Way I Feel in its Grade K Comprehensive Reading program, "Voices Reading: Literacy to Live By," which is described as "seamlessly integrating character development into a comprehensive literacy program" and helping teachers "create an effective, caring learning environment."

The text of the book and several illustrations also appear in Harcourt Achieve's Rigby Literacy Kindergarten program, a core curriculum that combines whole-group modeling and instruction with targeted small-group instruction.

Another significant milestone: the California Department of Education has also approved several Parenting Press publications including the 32-page The Way I Feel, its Spanish edition, Así me siento yo, and The Way I Act for supplemental use in California public schools, one of the largest school markets in the world.

"These guidelines ensure that materials portray democratic values, cultural pluralism, and the diversity of our population by emphasizing people in a variety of positive roles," the Press was told. Evaluation of the educational value remains the responsibility of the school or district making a purchase.

The Parenting Press publications are now included on the list of California's Legal and Social Compliance Approved Out-of-Cycle Instructional Materials and can be purchased with Prop. 20 Lottery Funds or IMFRP funds remaining after the purchase of required instructional texts. For more information, see

The Way I Feel is also used in AbleNet's Creative Curricular Programs for Teaching Students with Disabilities and it's recommended by the International Reading Association.

For information about author Janan Cain's school presentations, see Authors On Tour.


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