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Book cover
Book Information:
Title:The Way I Act
Illustrator:Janan Cain
Author:Steve Metzger
Publisher:Parenting Press, Inc., Seattle, WA
Publication date:January 2011
Price:$16.95 cloth (32 pages, 9 x 10 inches)
Title:The Way I Feel
Author/Illustrator:Janan Cain
Publisher:Parenting Press, Inc., Seattle, WA
Publication date: Spanish cloth, April 2009
Board book, October 2004
Cloth, October 2000
ISBN: Board book: 978-1-884734-72-4
Cloth: 978-1-884734-71-7
Spanish cloth: 978-1-884734-83-0
Price: Board book: $7.95 (18 pages, 7 x 7-7/8 inches)
$16.95 each cloth edition (32 pages, 9 x 10 inches)
Book cover
Book cover

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The Way I Feel

Introduced in late 2000, The Way I Feel has attracted overwhelming support from parents, teachers, librarians, counselors, medical professionals and the children's book industry. Now available from Parenting Press in 32-page cloth editions in English and in Spanish, and in an 18-page board book edition, it is recommended by educators across North America, including the 2005 Newfoundland and Labrador Education Week committee and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Way I Feel has won design awards, a 2005 Teachers' Choice award, and been featured by:

  • Children's Book of the Month Club (Fall 2003)
  • Scholastic Book Clubs (2001–present)
  • Barnes & Noble "Picture Book Wall" (Summer 2003)
  • Discovery Toys
  • Books Are Fun
  • Target Book Pick o' the Month, April 2007

In print: almost 1.9 million copies.

The Way I Act

Like The Way I Feel, this new companion book uses detailed illustrations of sometimes zany characters, type faces and vivid color to complement the simple verses that explain character traits like curiosity, compassion, and bravery. The bias-free language introduces the vocabulary of values with nonjudgmental language. The Way I Act concludes with a page of suggestions for parents who want to talk with children about the difference between feelings and actions, and the choices that kids can make in their behavior.

A Gold Medalist in the Publishers Association of the West Book Design Awards, The Way I Act is recommended by School Library Journal and, like The Way I Feel, it's approved by the California Department of Education for classroom use.

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