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Janan Cain
The Way I Feel Describes Emotions
The Way I Act Explains Character Traits

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Inspired when Janan Cain couldn't find a picture book to explain emotions to her young daughters, The Way I Feel uses every element of every page—illustration, text, color and type font—to describe "happy," "disappointed," "angry," "jealous" and other feelings that kids experience. Praised by parents and professionals, this best-selling award-winner is widely used in school character education programs, and with children who are sick, abused, emotionally troubled or have such special needs as autism. Now also available as a board book and in Spanish, The Way I Feel is also used in mental and emotional health programs for adults with disabilities.

Now Parenting Press is delighted to announce the publication of a companion book, The Way I Act.

Designed to introduce the words for what we do, The Way I Act pairs Cain's vivid colors and zany characters with text by Steve Metzger, a former preschool teacher who has written more than 60 books for young children. Together they have created an ideal addition to character education curricula, a picture book that defines and illustrates kids being "brave," "compassionate,""curious," "imaginative," "trustworthy," "persistent". . .and so much more.

Like The Way I Feel, The Way I Act uses words and situations familiar to children to describe a wide variety of emotions and characteristics, some seldom attributed to kids. The language in both books is nonjudgmental, and free of bias and slang. Whimsical characters that appeal to both boys and girls bounce, swing and high-five each other through the pages.

One of several books on emotional literacy published by Parenting Press, The Way I Feel presents emotions as a normal part of life. The characters talk about their feelings without blaming anyone for causing anger or boredom. Unlike in many other similar books, characters are not "rescued" from their emotions by parents or others.

In The Way I Act, traits such as curiosity, responsibility, compassion and bravery are demonstrated and described with examples that young children can identify with: kids using a magnifying glass, doing homework, helping friends, getting on the school bus alone, and going down the giant slide into the pool.

With more than 1.6 million copies in print in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Greek, The Way I Feel is Parenting Press's most popular book ever. We're sure you'll agree that The Way I Act is just as much fun!

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