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Is This a Phase?
by Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N.
Helen Neville

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Reviewers praise Is This a Phase?:

"Is This a Phase is WONDERFUL! Your tips and advice are invaluable."
—Cheryl Murfin,
"Here's a secret for parents of today's infants through preschoolers: You have it made. Luckily for you, Neville, a registered nurse, shares the vast knowledge and insights she's gleaned as a parent educator, pediatric advice nurse and infant temperament expert in the comprehensive new guide, Is This a Phase? Child Development & Parent Strategies, Birth to 6 Years, published by Seattle-based Parenting Press. . . . When my kids were young, the phrase 'Is this a phase?' came to my mind at least weekly. Would they ever stop whining? Would she ever start sharing? Was this kid over-emotional? Was I crazy? Would he grow out of hitting or did I have a hoodlum in the family? If only I could have pulled Helen Neville's book from my shelf."
—Ivanna Campbell,
"An authoritative reference covering a broad range of topics in health, behavior, and human needs that every parent needs to know for their child from birth to age six. In Part 1, readers learn about the norms of developmental milestones and childhood behaviors, and the author discusses how those elements affect behaviors within the family. Neville reassures parents when their child is within normal developmental range and alerts them when it is necessary to seek professional help. Part 2, an alphabetical reference for dealing with child development in daily life, guides parents through three dozen topics relevant in the first six years of life. Neville's book is accurate, reliable, and practical, with many charts and graphs that render the information accessible. Recommended for all public libraries."
Library Journal
"Speaks to the whole child, explaining what is special about each age (in mind, body and activities) as well as describing the next phase of development . . . Includes informative and easy-to-read charts."
—ForeWord Magazine
"This book is extraordinarily useful. . . the closest thing to an owner's manual for your child [that I've found.] (And I've looked, and looked, and looked) . . . Did I mention that the book is easy to use? Explanations are clear without being too abbreviated and the author uses a series of readable charts that help you compare child development milestones over time. . .One feature I admire about the book is that it attempts to help parents understand how their own child's temperament might influence developmental milestones."
—Grasshopper New Media, a blog for parents
"Hats off to the author for taking some of the most critical developmental years and distilling them into an easy and organized read. . . An amazing resource. . .so useful and reassuring."

Professionals love the book:

"Highlights include the section on kindergarten readiness, bilingual issues and education, 'around the world' sidebars, easy to use and useful charts, and the chapter on diversity. . .Highlights not only because they are done well (as is the rest of the book) but because I find this information is often limited or missing from other parenting books," writes Gina Gallitero, M.P.H., a health educator for Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, whose review also cited the book's excellent format and layout, and the medically accurate, current information presented in a non-judgmental manner. "Practical and empowering for the reader."
"Helen Neville has done it again. Drawing on more than three decades of day-after-day, real-world experience as a pediatric nurse and parent educator, Neville has written another book that provides parents with trustworthy, daily guidance during the early years of child-rearing . . . Your copy of Is This a Phase? deserves to be kept right next to your copy of Temperament Tools, so that both books will be right at hand for engaging reading during moments of tranquility and for practical counsel during times of confusion."
—Herman M. Frankel, M.D.
Portland, Oregon
"Really liked it! An easy-to-use primer for successful, effective parenting of birth to 6-year-olds."
—Tom Rinkowski
Parent Educator
Gainesville, Florida
"The 'ages and issues' section offers appropriate depth to the subject matter, is easy to understand and respectful of parents' education."
—Kathy Hetzel
Family Living
University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension
Juneau, Wisconsin
"Though I teach these same concepts to parents, this book enhanced my knowledge in almost every area. . .Important and valuable information is presented in a very reader-friendly fashion."
—Marge Harvan
Malone College Child Development Center and Primary School
Canton, Ohio
"The whole concept of emotional practicing with infants was wonderfully written and a great reminder to me professionally."
—Deeann Puffert
Child Care Resource & Referral
Seattle, Washington
"Good. . .No, very good!"
—Lidieth Guindon
Family Lifeskills Program Coordinator
University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension
Exeter, New Hampshire
"This book seems to be talking to me as a parent! The examples, graphs and research appeal to me as a professional."
—Mary G. Schauer
Parent educator and mother of preschoolers
Spokane WA
"Wow! What a wonderful piece of work! Well laid out and easy for parents to use with situations they may not have experienced."
—Laura Keeley-Saldana
Director, Early Childhood Education Program
University of California Berkeley

Parents are enthused, too!

"An overview of the stages that children all go through as they develop, with practical advice on how to cope."
"I wish I'd read this book when my son was a baby! A snapshot of important issues in parenting young children. . ."
"Neville keeps everything in perspective. Keeps parents from being overwhelmed."
"Helps develop realistic expectations."
"All the questions parents always ask are answered in this one book."
"I would refer back to it time and time again as my children grow. . ."
"The 'Around the World' comments on different cultures show that different ways of doing things can still produce positive results."
"A user-friendly wealth of information about what to expect as your child grows. The solutions are easy to carry out and practical."
"A 'must read' for new parents and parents of a young child."
"Goes beyond other parenting books; wonderful balance between nature and nurture."
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