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Children and Chores
by Elizabeth Crary, M.S.
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What Readers and Reviewers Say about Elizabeth Crary's Books

Elizabeth Crary, a parent educator at North Seattle Community College and a popular speaker across the U.S. and around the world, has written dozens of practical books that parents and children can refer to over and over and over again. Here's what people say about her publications:

About parenting guides:

"Elizabeth Crary has a deserved reputation for her ability to write easily accessible books for parents which show grounding in research and theory. This provocative book builds on that reputation."
"I admire Love & Limits wholeheartedly for its clarity, tremendous usefulness and the accessibility of the concepts and skills for an audience that is often a bit challenged. . .I am deeply grateful for your insights and dedication in producing this little gem."
"A treasure trove of ideas for every parent who has ever felt frustrated, bewildered or discouraged."
"Clear and sensible solutions to these problems with 2- year- olds."
"Helpful strategies and examples to assist kids in coping with and identifying their feelings."

About books for children:

"Your book helped provide my young daughter with alternative approaches to playing with others. This choice has empowered her and got her thinking about different ways to solve interpersonal problems."
"I'm Mad provides productive and positive interactive ways for parents to support their children in dealing with a sometimes debilitating emotion."
"Each book [interrupts] the story at various points to ask young readers to decide what the child [in the story] could do next. The continuation of the story depends on the reader's responses. . . Models the kind of dialogue that teachers and parents can have with children to help them deal with feelings."
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