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The Biting Solution
The Expert's No-Biting Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Early Childhood Educators
by Lisa Poelle, M.A.

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If you're a reporter or producer who has been assigned a story on children who bite, you'll want to talk to Lisa Poelle. Especially if you're not a parent yourself, she can clarify how common an issue biting is among toddlers and preschoolers. She'll also explain how seriously this issue is addressed at child care centers and preschools—in fact, in most programs, it's grounds for expulsion!

We at Parenting Press seldom say that the contents of a book can quickly squelch a problem, but Poelle's decades of experience with biters has led to a strategy that—if followed carefully and consistently—can stop toddler biting within as little as two weeks.

The Biting Solution also helps parents, caregivers and early childhood educators with hitting and other aggressive behavior. It's appropriate for use with kids with typical developmental issues and those with special needs.

For more information about biting specialist Poelle and the techniques in this important book, click through the contents of this media kit and then let us know what additional information you'd like.

To request a review copy of The Biting Solution or to arrange an interview with Poelle, contact our publicity department at, (800) 992-6657, Ext. 105.