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ADHD/ADD Medications
What Are They? . . . How Do I Decide Whether or Not to Use Them with My Child?
by Peter Levine, M.D. and Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N.

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Whether you're starting a story on attention deficits and hyperactivity, or fact-checking information provided by someone else, you'll find accurate, updated material in the concise guide just completed by two medical professionals.

Peter Levine, a pediatrician affiliated with Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek CA, and Helen F. Neville, a pediatric advice nurse, parent educator and temperament specialist with Kaiser in Oakland CA, have teamed up to spell out the basics of ADHD/ADD and the medications often prescribed for these conditions. They explain which are stimulants, which are not, and how these medications can help many kids with ADHD/ADD. In lay language, their book discusses possible side effects, medication holidays, and what to anticipate as children grow up.

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