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Living with the Active Alert Child
by Linda Budd, Ph.D.
Linda Budd

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Feature story:
Budd's Research with Passionate, Intense Children Provides Strategies and Reassurance for Parents

Identifying the Active Alert Child

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Reviewer Comments

"An original, well-researched book that will teach you how easy it is to over-stimulate intense children, how hard it is for them to wind down and how parents can bring out the best in them."
—Marguerite Kelly, The Washington Post
"Provides hundreds of practical ideas for coping with high-energy children."
"Linda Budd's Living With the Active Alert Child. . . examines working with kids with really high energy levels who maybe need extra attention."
American Bookseller
"For anyone who is confused, frustrated, and sometimes pushed to the limit by the seemingly uncontrollable behavior of their bright, lovable child. Author and psychologist Linda Budd offers hope, and helps parents and teachers see these highly intense children in a new light. Living with the Active Alert Child spells out the characteristics of 'active alerts' and teaches readers how to help these children thrive in school and family"
Midwest Book Review
"Have you begun to stay home because it's such a struggle to go out with your child? If so, this book is for you."
—Annette Gagliardi, leader for the Active Alert Support Group
"'At last someone understands!' This will certainly be the phrase that many parents use as they read Linda Budd's wonderful book . . . Her presentation of the enigmas presented by these children and ways in which to deal with them is particularly helpful."
—Jean Illsley Clarke, parent educator and author
"Bright, controlling, fearful and highly energetic, active alert children. . .provide a special challenge for parents, one that Linda Budd proves can be met."
Centennial Elementary (MN) PTO
"A wonderful resource."
—School psychologist
"Such a helpful resource. . .I gained invaluable insight into. . .children's behavior and temperaments. . .Definitely helped me understand [active alerts] better so I can meet their needs better."
—Child care provider

Parents add these comments

"We met with you in 1989 regarding our son, who is now very successful due to your ideas for raising an active alert child. Thank you for helping us appreciate our son who I truly believe would have been a totally different child were it not for your book."
"I want to thank you for Living with the Active Alert Child: it's the only source to identify my kid! I refer to it again and again. Yours is also the most clear-headed parenting book I've laid my hands on."
—A parent
"She has great ideas on how to break cycles of misbehavior in kids."
—An adoptive parent of abused children
"A lifesaver! I guarantee you will find relief in this book, and a better understanding of your child and how to make your home life a lot smoother. Two thumbs way up!"
"I keep coming back to this book. I've found very few extremely helpful parenting books. This one tops my short list."
"Linda Budd re-frames this temperament in a more positive light than we have ever seen . . . She gives affirmation for this special group of people and ways for parents to set boundaries, and truly enjoy their children."
"Invaluable, amazing, a god-send! When I first picked up this book, I thought, 'When was this woman in my house?' We've clung to this book like a lifeline."

Living with the Active Alert Child has been recommended by the Adult A.D.D. Association, Divorce Source and La Leche League and discussed in:

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  • Working Mother Magazine
  • American Bookseller
  • Healthy Woman Magazine
  • The Boston Globe
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