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Living with the Active Alert Child
by Linda Budd, Ph.D.
Linda Budd

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Budd's Research with Passionate, Intense Children Provides Strategies and Reassurance for Parents

Identifying the Active Alert Child

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Media Questions

Researching a story on "difficult" kids or "difficult" teenagers? Whether you're studying play dates or ADHD or the best school environment for a kinesthetic learner, you'll want to talk to Linda Budd.

For almost three decades, Dr. Budd has been working with kids who are very active, very alert, very intense. She calls them "active alert," and if you've got one, she can help you and your readers:

Distinguish between "active alert" and ADHD, even when there's one of each in a family;

Develop strategies for handling everyday situations (those play dates, for example) with high-energy, hyper-focussed kids;

Understand what these kids need in school, elementary through high school and as they make the transition to college; and

Appreciate what achievers these "off-the-wall" kids often turn out to be.

Some questions to get you started with Dr. Budd:

  • At what ages do parents need the most help handling "active alert" children?
  • Suggest some simple survival strategies for parents of these kids.
  • Why are transitions so difficult for these children?
  • What should "active alert" teenagers and their parents look for in colleges?
  • How can adults determine if they are "active alerts?" What can they do to improve their social and professional relationships? How can they take advantage of their "hyper focus?"
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