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Living with the Active Alert Child
by Linda Budd, Ph.D.

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Budd's Research with Passionate, Intense Children Provides Strategies and Reassurance for Parents

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Book information:
Title:Living with the Active Alert Child
Subtitle:Groundbreaking Strategies for Parents
Author:Linda Budd, Ph.D.
Publisher:Parenting Press, Inc., Seattle, WA
Publication date:August 2003
ISBN:978-1-884734-77-9, paperback
Prices:$14.95, paperback

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This practical, easy-to-read book provides parents and teachers with real-life strategies for guiding—and enjoying—unusually energetic, creative and intense children. Author Linda Budd, whose psychology practice focuses on "active, alert" children and teenagers, also provides reassurance for the adults exhausted by these lively children. You aren't a bad parent, she points out, and your child does not have learning disabilities or hyperactivity. Dr. Budd, who has now counseled and observed many "active alerts" to adulthood, adds valuable information about how these children mature and the significant contributions many of them make as young adults.

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