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25 Things to Do When Grandpa Passes Away,
Mom and Dad Get Divorced, or the Dog Dies

by Laurie Kanyer, M.A.
Lauri Kanyer

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Kanyer Offers "First Aid for Your Soul"

Counselor Cites 5 Ways to Help Grieving Children

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Reader Comments

"Although many of these activities and their applications might be familiar to Family Life Educators, having them all at hand in one book would be very helpful. The book would certainly be useful to parents or other adults who wish to help children express their grief and start on the path to healing."
—National Council on Family Relations
"Wonderful, very valuable to many children and parents."
—Jewish Family Services, Milwaukee
"A practical and informative book that will help adults and children understand grief and journey together through loss."
—the Rev. Barbara Lindeman, hospice chaplain, Mankato, MN
"Loss is inevitable, but how one deals with it is personal. 25 Things to Do is a guide for parents to help their children when dealing with a radical and likely irrevocable change, such as a divorce or the death of a beloved relative or pet. The activities are all easy to do and will help children come to terms with the world."
—Wisconsin Bookwatch
"'Mister-Rogers-like' in its gentle compassion and loving spirit. Accepting and nonjudgmental."
"Concise and respectful of a child's feelings."
"I like the explanation that grieving is different for everyone. Very helpful and thoughtful."
"An invaluable resource for grieving adults and for information regarding children's grieving process . . ."
"I can hardly believe all the research [that went into] and excellent activities that are in this book. It will be very valuable for both adults and children who are grieving."

Recommended by

  • Army OneSource
  • Government of Nunavut
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Health's Family Resource Center
  • McMaster Children's Hospital Family Resource Centres
  • Nebraska Hospice & Palliative Care Association
  • National Alliance for Grieving Children
  • Michigan State University Extension
  • Parent & Child Together (West Central Illinois) Head Start
  • Hudson OH School District Parent Lending Library
  • Pictou County Health Authority/Regional Library Mental Health Resource Partnership
  • Avon NY Central Schools

In 2010, the continuing military deployments of parents made 25 Things to Do When Grandpa Passes Away, Mom and Dad Get Divorced, or the Dog Dies one of the best-selling Parenting Press titles. Hundreds of copies at a time were purchased by such programs the Military Child Education Coalition, a nonprofit which works to ensure educational opportunities for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition, and Navy Safe Harbor, the lead program in providing non-medical care for injured or ill Coast Guard and Navy members and their families during recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration.

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