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Whether you’re writing about kids, parents or professionals, Parenting Press has authors who can help you on both classic and emerging concerns.

Looking for a parenting expert to interview? Need a quick quote? Interested in what’s new in children’s or child guidance books? Doing a story on small business?

If you are a journalist, book reviewer, talk show producer, public affairs director, newsletter editor, or web site developer, Parenting Press will respond as quickly as possible to your requests.

From this page, you can access dozens of stories that you can reprint. You can also excerpt from stories and Parenting Press books.

Our staff and authors have worked with hundreds of media during the past 30 years, providing help for consumer, trade, educational and business editors, both regional and national. We’re glad to help you brainstorm story ideas and identify other resources in the parenting field.

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Media Kits

Feature stories, photos, and background information on our authors and newest books, with contact information. Includes material you can excerpt for your own stories.


When you need a quote right now, here’s a convenient list of Parenting Press authors who are available for interviews.

Last updated January 19, 2014