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Maribeth Boelts

Determined to establish herself as a writer for children, Maribeth Boelts gave herself a year-long sabbatical from teaching more than a dozen years ago. It never ended.

Within a few months, she had her first manuscript placed. Before the year was over, she had also launched a long and fruitful relationship with Parenting Press, which has now published the revised edition of Kids to the Rescue: First Aid Techniques for Children. Written by Boelts and her husband Darwin, this practical guide combines the couple’s meticulousness and concern for accuracy with their commitment to safety (she completed the EMT certification course while researching the book and Darwin, a firefighter, has also worked as a paramedic and EMT). It also draws on their own experiences as the parents of three very active children.

Longtime residents of Cedar Falls, Iowa, the Boelts have clearly defined roles in their household writing process. Darwin is not always listed as a co-author, but he provides both technical expertise and encouragement when Maribeth is at the keyboard.

Maribeth and Darwin Boelts

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Last updated May 05, 2008