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Leader’s guides

With their background in teaching and speaking, Parenting Press authors and staff create detailed guides complete with handouts that can be used in a series of classes, one-session workshops, home visits and library presentations for children or adults.

 Who, Me Lead a Group?

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Jean Illsley Clarke takes you step-by-step from planning to leading your meeting successfully. An invaluable aid for anyone working with adults or older teens in community and religious organizations, training, counseling, business, schools, hospitals, or social services. Cost: $7.99. More . . . Order from IPG

 K-6 Teacher Guides

Detailed teaching plans, most fully-scripted, are available as downloads for our most popular children’s books as downloads. The Self-Calming Cards and Feeling Elf Cards & Games include step-by-step instructions in English and Spanish.

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Last updated February 01, 2017