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About the Author:

Laurie Simons, M.A.

Counselor Laurie Simons is so gentle and soft-spoken, it’s hard to imagine anyone being offended when she says, “no.”

And if you follow the advice in her book, Taking “No” for an Answer, your children may find it similarly easy to accept situations where you cannot answer “yes.”

How to cope when they don’t get what they want, learning to cooperate and recognizing clues to others’ sadness or fear are a few examples of what’s covered in Simons’s book, which was written after she had several years of experience as a teacher, a counselor and a parent educator.

Today it is parent education that has become Simons’s passion. She is the founding director of the Parent Television Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing parenting education worldwide, which is producing and acquiring television programs that explore issues in child rearing, and broadcasting these programs on educational cable television stations and on the Internet.

A graduate of the University of Alberta and Whitworth College’s Leadership Institute of Spokane, Simons is the mother of two grown sons. She and her husband live in the Seattle suburbs.

Laurie Simons

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Taking “No” for an Answer

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Last updated May 05, 2008