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It’s MY Body

by Lory Freeman

illustrated by Carol Deach

Reviews and Comments

Recommended by School Library Journal, the Minnesota Center against Violence and Abuse, the Polly Klaas Foundation, the Head Start Bulletin, Children’s Health Care: the Journal of the Association for the Care of Children’s Health, the National Committee for Prevention of Child Abuse, The Reviewing Librarian and King County (Washington) Rape Relief, It’s MY Body has also drawn such praise as:

“Hands down, this is my favorite book for teaching young children about personal safety. It takes a topic that is scary and anxiety-inducing for most parents and makes it easy and comfortable to talk about. . .one of the best places to start the conversations about safe and unsafe touches, being the boss of your body, and boundaries.”
—Amy Lang, M.A.
author, Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids: A Guide to Sharing Your Beliefs about Sexuality, Love and Relationships
“Communicates a positive message of empowerment to children.”
—Jacqueline Golding, Ph.D.
Healing Stories
“The illustrations are charming, especially the facial expressions. . .We highly recommend it and the accompanying parents’ guide, Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse, for very young children.”
Journal of Clinical Child Psychology
It’s MY Body packs even more of a wallop [than The Trouble with Secrets]. . .It delivers exactly what the title promises. . .”
The Woman’s Newspaper
“Emphasizes self-reliance and open communication. Free from specific references or stories about sexual abuse. . .”
Florida Developmental Disabilities Council
“Help[s] children learn to set their own boundaries, know the difference between loving and hurtful touches, and how to respond appropriately.”
The Children’s Post
It’s MY Body and Loving Touches are designed to be read by new readers or to be read to a young person while they look at the very clear pictures. An adult could finish either in five or so minutes. Don’t let the ease of this reading detract from the quality of the material. [It’s MY Body is] a packed volume [which] also teaches very young children how to set limits with everyone. . .Most importantly, it teaches them how to say, ‘Don’t touch me/ I don’t like it. . .’
Healing Currents
“Many parents fear that discussing sexual abuse will scare their children, but It’s MY Body is not scary at all. . . .Freeman keeps her discussion of sexual abuse at a reasonable level for preschoolers. . .By emphasizing the pride children feel about their bodies, Freeman promotes self-esteem.”
Iris Magazine
“Sensitive and positive approach. . .”
Sesame Street Parents’ Guide
“Could be used as a springboard for more complicated and very important discussions. . .For children who feel anxious or unsure, or. . .have already encountered experiences that trouble them, the chance to read and talk about this book with a trusted and sensitive adult might give a place to start to express those fears and feelings in a supportive, less anxiety-arousing context.”
Canadian Association of Toy Libraries
“I highly recommend that elementary school counselors buy this inexpensive book as an additional resource to their child abuse prevention program.”
Elementary School Guidance & Counseling
“A very appealing and nicely done book.. . . Will be used by educators and counselors in our Sexual Assault Support Services department to help children and families address the topic of acceptable and non-acceptable touch.”
—Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, Utica NY
“One of the pediatricians enrolled in my toddler parent education class a few years ago told me that It’s MY Body was a wonderful way to teach both parents and children about safe touch. Kudos to Lory Freeman for writing the book and to Parenting Press for publishing it.”
—Family Life Education, Peninsula College, Port Angeles WA

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Useful for 3–8 years
32 pages
$9.95 paperback
$16.95 library

Available in Spanish as
Mi cuerpo es MÍO

Book Description

About the Author:
Lory Freeman
About the Illustrator:
Carol Deach

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Last updated March 17, 2016