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Is This a Phase?

by Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N.


List of Charts and Diagrams



Introduction: Getting the Most Out of Is This a Phase?

Part One: Phase by Phase: What’s Happening Now?

1. All Ages:The Work of Being a Parent

2. Birth to 3 Months: Amazing Surprise Package

3. 2 to 9 Months: Falling in Love

4. Crawling to 18 Months: Off to See the World

5. 18 Months to 3 Years: Living in the Here and Now

6. 3 Years: Mostly Sunny Skies with Some Showers

7. 4 Years: The Next Declaration of Independence

8. 5 Years: Kindergarten, Ready or Not?

Part Two: Topics Over Time: An Alphabetical Reference for Dealing with Child Development in Daily Life

Activities and Toys

Art and Artists

Attention Span: How It Grows

Bilingual Babes and Beyond

Child Care and Preschool

Communication with Signs and Sounds

Death: Helping Children Cope

Discipline: What Works Now?

Diversity: Understanding Differences


Eating: Month after Month

Family Meetings



Health and Development

Help—Is My Child Okay?

Humor: What Makes Children Laugh?

Imagination Blooms

Impulse Control

Independence and Responsibility

Money: “Mommy, Can I Have . . . ?”

Muscles in Motion

Music for Minors

Numbers and Sense of Time


Praise: The Art of Support

Reading and Writing

Safety: Step-by-Step

Screen Time: Television, Videos, and Computer

Self-Soothing and Security Objects

Sex and Gender

Sleep: Theirs and Ours

Spiritual Practices

Stress: Signs and Soothing

Toilet Learning: Is It Time Yet?


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Family Notes

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Useful for birth–6 years
224 pages
$23.95 paperback
$42.95 library
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About the Author:
Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N.
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Last updated June 05, 2014