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Welcome to our Qwik Books and downloadable material. Do you have questions about your troublesome toddler, precocious preschooler, or annoying school-aged child? Would you like help right now? Check out our resources and books below. We have —

  • downloadable books
  • activities for the classroom and Story Hour, and ideas for youth projects

“These publications were easy enough to read and were used at home during a difficult period with one of our children,” one parent writes.

Ordering an electronic publication is easy, too, we’re told: “No glitches, no doublecounts on my credit card statement. Everything worked fantastically,” says one mother who made changes in her original order.

As another parent writes us, “I love your website. I have it bookmarked and have made several purchases from it. The articles are informative and helpful in managing my 4-year-old and 2- year-old.”

Explore and enjoy!

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Qwik Books

Parenting Press’s new QWIK Books are designed so you can print out a booklet with dozens of tips and straightforward explanations of typical parenting issues and a few odd ones.

Teacher Activities

Teachers, librarians, home-schoolers and parents: don’t miss the teaching plans, downloadable games and activities. You’ll find everything you need for a story hour, classroom or youth group project!

For Additional Help

Have questions? We have answers! The friendly crew in the Parenting Press office will take your call Monday through Friday 9-3, Pacific time. We’ll help you select the best publications for your family or class and, if you’d like, we’ll walk you through the download process.

Last updated February 03, 2017