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A Horse’s Tale

by Nancy Luenn (editor)

illustrated by Connie J. Pope

Table of Contents


The Tall Wheat

William wishes he could work with the men harvesting the wheat instead of having to help his mother with cooking and washing dishes on their wheat farm in eastern Washington. (1890’s)

Uncle Twin-Star’s Gift

Elsie, a Native American child, is taken to boarding school to learn English and United States customs. (1900’s)

Missing Friends

Albert, a young Black child, describes his life in the mining town of Roslyn. (1910’s)

The Footlog

The Footlog is set in Darrington, Washington. Henry visits his uncle at nearby Sauk Logging Camp. (1920’s)

The Mysterious Delaneys

Katy, the daughter of a construction worker at Grand Coulee Dam, solves the mystery of why the Delaney family is so reclusive. (1930’s)

Not Much, But Enough

Mariko, a Japanese-American child, and her family have been evacuated from their home on Vashon Island to a temporary relocation camp. (1940’s)

To Fish or Fly

Ole is torn between tradition and technology. His father wants him to learn to fish, but Ole, like Uncle Jon, is fascinated with planes. (1950’s)

Around the World’s Fair

Julie and her younger sister, Karen, two girls from Longview, Washington, visit the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair with their parents. (1960’s)

Jump Rope Friends

Jump Rope Friends is set in Seattle. Amone’s family emigrated from Laos, where she lived on a small farm. (1970’s)

A Gift From the Mountain

A Gift From the Mountain takes place in Yakima, in south central Washington. Eduardo’s family were Mexican-American migrant workers who settled permanently in the Yakima Valley. (1980’s)


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Useful for 6–12 years
96 pages
$10.95 paperback
$21.95 library

Book Description
Historical Activity Guide

About the Editor:
Nancy Luenn

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Last updated June 17, 2014