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Grounded for Life?!

by Louise Felton Tracy, M.S.

This book is for parents who feel responsible for their teen’s hair, clothes, bedroom, grades, and behavior. Tracy offers a process for parenting that helps parents distinguish the important issues for healthy teen growth. As a mother of six and a longtime middle-school counselor, Tracy shows you how to communicate effectively with teens. Grounded for Life?! will help you--
give your teen the independence he or she craves
recognize how natural consequences can become a child’s best teachers
understand how changing your self invites your teen to change
restore peace in your family

“If you’re the parent of 10- to 15-year old, pick up a copy of Grounded for Life?! Stop Blowing Your Fuse and Start Communicating with Your Teenager. You won’t put it down.”

—Parent’s Choice

Book cover

Useful for 10–18 years
164 pages
$14.95 paper
$21.95 library

1994 Parents’ Choice
Approval Award


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Last updated June 15, 2014