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Glo Wellman

Stressful Times Mean Greater Need
for Self-Care, Believes Glo Wellman

We live with greater stress than ever before and parents receive less support than in the past, believes parent educator Glo Wellman, co-author of Taking Care of Me. That’s why, she says, this easy-to-read book is more important than ever. It recommends communication, stress-reduction and problem-solving strategies that can help families work through everyday issues as well as significant problems.

Wellman’s had experience with a spectrum of parenting challenges. She and her husband nurtured their own three sons into adulthood and she has taught parenting courses at Santa Rosa (Calif.) Junior College and in community programs, including one for incarcerated women. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and to parent groups, including foster parents and those dealing with special-needs children. She also makes time for groups of youth group leaders; recently, she talked to Girl Scout leaders about the importance of empowering girls and teaching them self-care techniques.

In her own life, Wellman is also practicing self-care, although she confesses it’s not easy. She has reduced her teaching load and is spending more time on physical and spiritual health.

“I’m happy to be in this phase of my life—however challenging self-knowledge is!”

Wellman exercises more, reads more, indulges her passion for movies and pursues genealogy. And whenever she can, she mentors younger parent educators and encourages those considering the profession, to ensure support will be there for all the new young families in her community.

Glo Wellman

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Last updated May 05, 2008