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Fish Lips Photo Contest Rules

Fish Lips Photo Contest Home Page

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This contest is designed to be fun, quick and easy for libraries and bookstores to implement, so there are just a few rules.

  1. Promote the contest in your library or bookstore for at least a month with a display that includes a copy of The Way I Feel or its cover.
  2. Promote the contest with press releases to the local media and/or schools and in any newsletters you publish.

    You can document fulfillment of these two requirements by sending Parenting Press a snapshot or JPG of your display and copies of any print promotion with the names of the publications and schools to which you sent it.
  3. Send us your dates and contest contact information so we can post it on our web site. We need this information at least four weeks prior to you starting your contest. Make sure you indicate the date you expect to award your prize so that we can ensure we get you an autographed copy of The Way I Feel by then. (We will have the author sign a bookplate which will be mounted in a book and shipped from Seattle.)
  4. Publicize your contest winner with a poster in your branch or store that includes a snapshot of the child holding his or her copy of The Way I Feel and provide information to us so that we can announce your winner on our web site and send press releases to your local media (if you don’t handle the media yourself). We will need a release signed by the child’s parent so that we can publicize the child’s name and picture. We will also need a release signed by the photographer, even if that’s a library staff member. The release is available as a PDF (free Adobe Reader required). Or contact Parenting Press and we will fax or mail you a copy.
  5. Send us a quick followup indicating how many kids participated in the contest and any funny stories about it.

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Last updated May 05, 2008