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Fish Lips Photo Contest

Attract Kids and Parents
with a “Fish Lips Face” Photo Contest

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“Our contest is going swimming-ly well...We’ve all had a blast!”
Barnes & Noble, Texas
“Most of the kids really got into it and made this both silly and fun.”
Pied Piper, Washington
“Your helpfulness has made this contest that much more fun.”
Bryan-Bennett Library, Illinois
“Thank you for the opportunity to host a Fish Lips event! A great time was had by all.”
Barnes & Noble, Pennsylvania

First Winners Announced

You’re invited to sponsor a “Fish Lips Face” Photo Contest that’s sure to bring kids and parents into your children’s department.

Fish Lips

Even better, asking kids to imitate the goofy face on the cover of Mrs. Cain’s The Way I Feel is a wonderful opportunity to create publicity for you. Invite your local newspaper and television photographers to stop by during the competition or photograph the award presentation.

And Parenting Press will help! We’ll provide an autographed copy of The Way I Feel for the prize, promote your contest on our web site–and announce your winner, too.

There are just a few simple rules.

Here are other materials to help you:

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Last updated November 10, 2010