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Feelings Books

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Some kids only seem to know the words to two feelings—happy and angry. Most books don’t help kids describe and learn to manage emotions.

Use Parenting Press books to introduce:
many different feelings
ways of handling feelings
the concept that feelings change
the difference between feelings and action

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Dealing with Disappointment

Avoid meltdowns by teaching kids of all ages to cope with frustration and disappointment. Covers:
What to do when kids do melt down.
Self-calming tools kids can use.
How to teach kids coping skills they need.
More . . .

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All My Feelings At Preschool: Nathan’s Day

What are feelings? How do they change throughout a day? These books help preschoolers understand and describe their emotions. More about Nathan’s Day . . .

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What Is a Feeling?

Sometimes we feel with our bodies. Other times we feel with our hearts and minds. This book describes how physical feelings and emotional feelings differ. More . . .

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Dealing with Feelings Series
I’m Excited
I’m Furious
I’m Proud
I’m Frustrated
I’m Mad
I’m Scared

Realistic scenarios from these “Choose your own ending” books:
Explain the difference between feelings and actions.
Offer children ways to deal with the feeling.
Encourage decision making by letting children try different approaches.
More . . .

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Tied in knots after a day at the keyboard? Frazzled in gridlock? Tense about today’s exam? Then you need mudras, the easy gestures that can ease your tension in as little as a minute or two. Just as important, they can help both adults and children focus, whether you’re balancing a checkbook, preparing a speech or finishing math homework. As author Emily Fuller Williams will tell you, health surveys show that three of every four Americans suffer stress at least every two weeks, and that’s in addition to everyday tension from too little sleep, too much work, and those nagging concerns about kids, partners, and budgets. More . . .

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Mudra Pocket Cards

Want mudra how-to’s when you’re on the go? The complementary Mudra Pocket Cards are ideal. Each explains and illustrates a single mudra, so it’s easy to slip a card or two into your pocket, tape one to a computer screen or even grab one in the car when you’re behind the wheel. More . . .

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The Way I Feel

Children mope in disappointment and bounce off the wall in excitement in this award-winning book. It uses simple verses to describe emotions from boredom to frustration, pride to joy. More . . .

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Así me siento yo

Ideal for homes, libraries, clinics, children’s foreign language classes and ESL/ELL programs, the new Spanish edition of our much beloved The Way I Feel is a 32-page hardback already approved by the California Department of Education. More . . .

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Feelings for Little Children Series
When You’re Mad and You Know It
When You’re Happy . . .
When You’re Shy . . .
When You’re Silly . . .

Young children can name their feelings if adults label them. These books offer toddlers age-appropriate ways to express themselves. Peek inside and see what toddlers can do. More . . .

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Self-Calming Cards

Help your child learn to manage anger, anxiety and frustration with the self-soothing techniques demonstrated by two dozen cute kids. Written in both Spanish and English, these cards also tell adults how to introduce the concept of self-calming. More . . .

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What Am I Feeling?

Help identify your parenting and caregiving style. Understand the five important steps in “emotion coaching” children, and ensure that children are guided to healthy emotional growth. More . . .

Last updated February 02, 2017