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Family Matters

by Roni Jay

illustrated by Peaco Todd


About leeches and other pertinent matters

1. Customer Relations Tips
          Acknowledge the customer immediately
          Greet the customer with a smile
          Consider the customer's viewpoint
          Find the need behind the request
          Behave as you would have the customer behave
          Treat the customer with respect
          Handle complaints

2. Selling Tips
          Set objectives
          Prepare alternatives
          Ask open-ended questions
          Keep control
          Sell benefits, not features
          Handle objections
          Close the sale

3. Negotiating Tips
          Negotiate a win-win deal
          Know your bottom line
          Aim high
          Look for variables
          Get all the cards on the table
          Never give free concessions
          Agree to all or nothing

4. Motivation Tips
          Show your team the big picture
          Set clear and realistic targets
          Inform team members
          Find the right incentive
          Recognize employees

5. Management Tips
          Give feedback
          Handle mistakes
          Conduct effective interviews
          Deal with people who create problems

6. Teamwork Tips
          Encourage mutual support
          Give each person responsibility
          Train the team collectively
          Recognize the team as a whole
          Avoid areas of friction
          Discourage division within the team
          Utilize each team member's strengths
          Communicate with your team
          Deal with conflict and rivalry



Book Cover

Useful for all ages
96 pages
$6.95 paper
$9.95 library

Book Description

About the Author:
Roni Jay

About the Illustrator:
Peaco Todd

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Last updated June 16, 2014