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Family Matters

by Roni Jay

illustrated by Peaco Todd

Have you thought about how customer service, sales, management and human resources experience—at any level—can help with everything from sibling rivalry to homework and chores?

If you’ve working in business, you’ve got strategies and skills that can solve a wide variety of parenting problems. Take customer service, for example: you can’t treat kids as if they’re always right, agrees Jay, but why not treat them as well as you would any customer? You’ll get what you want more often, she guarantees. And how about sales? You’re not going to sell you kids a product, but aren’t you always selling them an idea? Page through this entrepreneur’s guide for step-by-step suggestions on setting “sales” objectives, describing “customer benefits,” overcoming objections, negotiating terms—and closing the sale.

Tempted to chuckle? This book is full of humor, but it also offers no-nonsense advice about using business skills to enhance family life. If you’re both a business person and a parent, you’ll find Jay’s concepts enlightening.

The mother of three, Roni Jay has worked in business and the arts in London and other cities in the United Kingdom. She has written several books on business and family topics.

Book Cover

Useful for all ages
96 pages
$6.95 paper
$9.95 library


About the Author:
Roni Jay

About the Illustrator:
Peaco Todd

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Last updated June 16, 2014